Located in the West Midlands, the facility offers 21,000 sq. feet of manufacturing floor space. The organisation strives to continually change it’s production methods and techniques to provide engineering solutions to suit our customers needs.

Turned componentsWe offer the latest in CNC technology with sliding head machinery for producing the most cost effective complex components, alongside the more conventional multi-spindle when the component design and customer requirement does not warrant the CNC solution.

A list of our current plant and its capabilities is given on the Plant List page.

With the ability to heat treat material, finish grind to micron tolerances and offer a range of surface treatments we truly offer a one stop solution to your turned parts requirements.

A dedicated workforce who care about their product enables us to offer a product manufactured to the correct specification delivered at the right time, at the right cost, time and time again.


Star SR-20R CNC Turning machine at STAG Ltd